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Dr Stanschiller takes a holistic approach to medicine by combining oral health, mental health and physical health into a comprehensive care package. Interactions in the body are a common everyday occurrence and when one part of the body is out of balance or ailing, other parts of the body can suffer. Diseases of the mouth, mind and body are all interconnected and the root cause of one problem can be related to a completely different part of the body. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your overall health goals and ailments.

Understanding the Connections

Dental care and health are intimately related. To maintain your overall health you need to maintain proper nutrition. People get their nutrition from the food they eat. That food enters the body through the mouth. Digestion begins in the mouth. Your teeth begin the process of breaking down the food so the nutrients can be absorbed into the blood stream. But if you neglect your dental health the entire digestive process begins to fall apart. So if you are concerned about maintaining your overall health you must take time to focus on your dental health as well.

If you ignore your dental health you are just asking for trouble. Your teeth will begin to rot, break, and fall out. Gaps will begin to develop and food particles will stick in and between your teeth and cause problems. But that is just the first part of the problem. When your teeth are broken or missing, you will no longer be able to chew your food properly and break it down effectively. You will swallow pieces of food that are not properly broken down and not only will you not get all the nutrients from your food, you will begin to damage your entire digestive system.

Garbage In Garbage Out

When you swallow food that hasn’t been thoroughly chewed it puts undue stain on your throat and your stomach. Your body is forced to release more digestive acid to break down the food. This can lead to inefficient digestion, indigestion, stomach aches, issues with your intestines, and even malnutrition. Inefficient digestion means even though you put nutritious food in your mouth, your body can be starving to death and you can develop a wide range of medical problems. They range from ulcers, to weakening muscles, vision problems, and a whole host of other medical issues.

Your entire body is interconnected. If you neglect one part of it another part will suffer. Ignore your physical health and you dental health will suffer and vice versa. So if you are trying to maintain good medical health, you must take time to make sure you visit your dentist Salem Oregon as well. Brushing your teeth after meals and before bed, getting regular dental check-ups, fixing rotted and broken teeth, all of these thing have an effect on your physical health. In fact it is just as important to your overall health as getting adequate rest, proper nutrition, and exercise.